The Master’s Bible Church is a community of God’s people who love the Lord Jesus Christ, gather each week to pray, study the Bible and fellowship with one another. The distinguishing mark of our church is the expository teaching of God’s Word to the whole family. We are a group of Christians committed to (1) exalting Christ; (2) equipping the saints; (3) evangelizing the lost.

The central focus of our worship is the person and work of God in His Word. Our times of singing, praying and teaching are designed to bring the gathering of believers into the presence of God, leading them to bow before Him in humble adoration and joyful praise. We select music that enables gathered believers to worship God, prepares them to receive the teaching of the Word and encourages them to respond in praise and obedience.

Our pastor, Dean Cathcart, is a caring shepherd seeking to lead us in the importance of prayer, praise and the faithful teaching of God’s Word. We are a family centered church with something for every age group.