We value the critical importance of sharing the Gospel to those in our community as well as throughout the world. Evangelism and the discipleship of new believers was patterned by the Apostle Paul and is an important aspect of local church ministry. It was a direct command from Jesus for the early church to carry the good news to other places.

The scriptural plan of Acts 1:8 is to share Christ at home and abroad. As we seek to implement the plan of reaching the world for Christ, our partnership with missionaries around the globe is one way we are able to fulfill Christ’s command to “teach all nations.”

At The Master’s Bible Church, support for missions is not an afterthought or a minor part of our commitment to follow Christ’s commandment to love thy neighbor. It is a major part of our ministry and proclamation of faith. We support missionaries who are actively spreading the Gospel of grace through Jesus Christ around the world. We encourage our church members to pray for and communicate with our missionaries.

In addition to financial support for global missions, we also challenge our people to get out and serve local ministries. TMBC is a hands-on, helping community, ministering to people within our church and outside its walls. Our commitment to outreach is reflected both in our missions giving and in the time and talent our congregation offers to service in our own neighborhood and beyond.

EhmannWe support Bob and Mary Ehmann who have served Christ in Juneau, Alaska at Echo Ranch Bible Camp and other countries around the world. Bob and Mary have been missionaries all of their lives and are now retired and living in Florida. However, they are still active teaching in their local church and bringing the gospel of Christ to every new person they meet.


Dennys2024Marcus and Amie Denny transitioned to the mission field in 2009 and are church planters in Kladno, Czech Republic. They love the church in Kladno dearly, and are thankful for the prayers and support of so many people and churches. Their summer English Camp is the highlight of the ministry year in the Czech Republic, as they partner with believers from supporting churches to reach the Czech people with the gospel of Christ. They have three teenage daughters, Lydia, Sophie and Chloe.


Haiti Moise

Centre de Santé Lumière meets the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Haiti through their hospital ministry. They are better equipped than the state hospital in Port Au Prince and skilled medical teams visiting from the United States and other countries as well as two Haitian certified surgeons. Lumiere hospital seeks to first treat physical needs for the poor of Haiti and then reach them spiritually with the life giving gospel of Christ.