What to Expect

Our Sunday morning service is designed to help you worship God and fellowship with other believers. You will be warmly welcomed and enjoy:


Worship through Teaching:
Because we believe that the teaching of God's Word, the Bible, shapes everything else we do as a church, we are committed to the expositional preaching of God's Word, which means that we teach through the various books of the Bible in a verse by verse fashion. Our desire is to understand the Word of God, so that we will know God rightly and live for His glory.

Worship through Song:
We are committed to congregational singing designed to bring the body of believers into the presence of God, leading them to bow before Him in humble adoration and joyful praise. We emphasize the truths of God's Word over our subjective experiences in the music of our church. Hymns and songs are drawn from both new and old, recognizing that while much new worship music is excellent, we have also received a rich heritage of music from the church in the past. Music is selected for each service that enables the church to worship God, prepares it for the teaching of God's Word, and encourages it to respond in praise and obedience to the Word.

Worship through Giving:
Like many churches, we take an offering in our service. We simply believe that being thankful and giving back to God is part of our worship to the Lord. However, if you are a guest, please do not feel obligated to participate in this time. This is intended for our regular people who consider The Master's Bible Church their church home.

Worship through Communion:
On the first Sunday of each month, we focus the worship service around the Lord's Supper, a simple memorial of Jesus' substitutionary death for our sin. It is a time of confession and celebration of His body and blood which were sacrificed once for all for us. Most months the communion service is followed by a Fellowship Luncheon. Visitors are welcome to stay for this meal.